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Important Information About Kindergarten

Breakfast: 7:20 - 7:40 am
Please note - If your child isn't in the building by 7:40, please make sure they have eaten breakfast at home.
School Begins: 7:45 am 
Tardy @ 8:00 am
Full Day Dismissal: 3:25 pm
Half-Day Dismissal: 1:00 pm
Specials: 10:30 - 11:15 am
 - Monday: Library
 - Tuesday: Music
 - Wednesday: Computer Lab
 - Thursday: PE
 - Friday: Counselor 
 - PLC Time: PE
Lunch: 12:25 - 12:55 pm
Dismissal Procedures:
Dismissal begins at 3:25. If students are not picked up by 3:40, please report to the front office.
If you need to change dismissal mode, please contact the FRONT OFFICE before 2:30 pm @ 940-458-5297.
Please note - If you have multiple children on this campus, your children will dismiss at the dismissal spot of your YOUNGEST child.
If your youngest child is a Kindergartener, please pick up in the back parking lot in the Kindergarten line.
Snacks are provided by the parent.
Please ensure your child brings a snack for snack time (this is different from lunch time) EVERY DAY.
Please do not send the following snacks:
 - Fruit cups/Pudding
 - Gogurt
 - Sodas
 - Candy
Please make sure that snacks are snack-sized.
For example, do not bring a family sized bag of chips. You may put them in a snack sized ziplock bag.