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Chisholm Trail Elementary


The words Physical Education spelled out by children's bodies.                              
Our students have P. E. 4 times a week. The saying at CTE is "It's always a party with Mrs. Daugherty!" The students have so much fun that they don't even know that they are learning! Mrs.Daugherty does some things in the gym and some things outside. P. E. is never boring! She also plans a couple of events that parents can come and participate in during the year. Look for that information to come home as she plans the event.
Mrs. Daugherty can be reached by email and phone. Her email is and the phone is 940-458-5297.
Mrs. Debbie McWhirter is the Paraprofessional that works in the gym along side Mrs. Daugherty. Her email is and the phone is 940-458-5297.
                                                                               Play Learn Play words overlaid on top of students doing exercises.