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Chisholm Trail Elementary

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Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering at Chisholm Trail, please complete the district volunteer form below. All three pages must be filled out and turned in to the CTE office for processing. We will contact you and/or send the badge home when it is ready.

We also want to make you aware of some things that may be new to you. Whenever you come to the school to volunteer for one of our staff, you will sign in and record the purpose of your visit and the area to which you are reporting. Once signed in, you will go directly to the assigned area. You will wear your volunteer badge so that it is visible. We are requesting that you do not check into the building to volunteer before 8:30 (except on Buckaroo Race Day).

If you are on campus as a parent, you will sign in and get a "visitor" badge. If you are volunteering on campus and then decide to go eat lunch with your child, you will re-sign in at the office and get a sticker badge.


Thank you in advance for sharing your time, talents and energy with our children!