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Parent Concerns

Any time a parent has a concern, Sanger ISD recommends the following informal steps:


1st Step:

Go directly to the person (staff member) with whom the concern originated to allow him/her the opportunity to address the problem and solve the issue. During this time, it is important that all parties be opened to hearing all sides and come up with a resolution that is best for the student within the district policy.


2nd Step:

If an issue can't be resolved with the person where the problem resides, the next step is to go to the immediate supervisor. Sometimes an administrator can help facilitate a resolution.


3rd Step:

If an issue cannot be resolved at the campus level, district staff will always be willing to consult. 


When problems cannot be resolved through informal conferences, Sanger ISD has a formal process that a parent may follow. Please see FNG (LEGAL) & (LOCAL) Board Policy. Below is a document that can be completed if a decision is made to file a grievance.

Level 1 Complaint Form-ENG

Level 1 Complaint Form-SPAN

Leann Loyless

Leann Loyless

Deputy Superintendent